Ancestors of Doug and Sheila Soutar

Tenth Generation

586. Alexander Petrie.


608. David Duncan. [Parents]


740. William Speirs married Jonet Ker on 30 Dec 1687 in Falkirk, Stirling, Scotland. Died about 1764.

[Notes about this couple] [Dropline chart]

741. Jonet Ker.


748. Robert Ewen was born on 5 Mar 1703. He married Elizabeth Christie on 18 Jul 1729 in Stirling, St Ninians. [Parents]

[Notes about this couple] [Dropline chart]

749. Elizabeth Christie.


752. Matthew Cuthill.Matthew married Margrat Rusall on 9 Jul 1708 in Dunipace.

753. Margrat Rusall.


756. William Inglis was born pre 1688. He died in 1770. William Inglis married Catherine Melville. [Parents]

[Some deeds concerning Inglis]

757. Catherine Melville.


758. David Hoge.David married Margaret Youell on 4 Sep 1713 in Wemyss. [Parents]

[Notes for this couple] [Dropline chart]

759. Margaret Youell was born on 18 Mar 1694 in West Wemyss. [Parents]


952. Patrick Morgan was born on 19 Dec 1705 in Carmylie. He married Isobel Tindall on 2 Jul 1728 in Brechin, Angus, Scotland. [Parents]

"Farmer in Carnegy" (OPR)

953. Isobel Tindall. [Parents]


954. James Chaplin was born on 25 Sep 1701. He married Jean Murison on 7 Nov 1744. [Parents]

[James's brother George's will] [Assorted Chaplin notes] [Daughter Jean's divorce] [Collieston Service of Heirs]

955. Jean Murison. [Parents]

[Dropline chart] [Some notes about Jean's brother, Rev. James Murison jnr. Principal of St Mary's College, St. Andrews.]

[James Boswell visits Principal Murison.] [Photographs of St Mary's College and Principal's house]


990. James Chalmers married Barbara Ross on 29 Jul 1731 in Fowlis Easter, Perthshire, Scotland..

991. Barbara Ross.


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