Ancestors of Doug and Sheila Soutar

Thirteenth Generation

4864. Duncan. [Parents]


1408. James Forrester died on 24 Jul 1705. He married Anna Forrester. [Parents]

[Brief notes about this couple]
For a much fuller discussion of this couple see page 19 of: “An Extract from A Forrester Family History - A Genealogical Discourse” Chapter 4.

1409. Anna Forrester.


6048. ? Inglis was born in 1590.


6076. David Hutone.


6078. Robert Din was born on 1 Jan 1618 in Dysart. He married Issoball Cristie on 10 Jun 1644 in Dysart. [Parents]

[Dropline chart] [Notes]

6079. Issoball Cristie was born on 18 Jan 1625 in Dysart. [Parents]


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