Ancestors of Doug and Sheila Soutar

Twelfth Generation

2432. James Duncan. [Parents]


704. James Forrester was born on 12 Sep 1687 in Stirling, Stirlingshire. He married Marion Ure on 2 Aug 1709 in Dunipace, Stirlingshire. [Parents]

[Brief notes about this couple.]
[For a much fuller discussion of this couple see page 13 onwards of: “An Extract from A Forrester Family History - A Genealogical Discourse” Chapter 4.]

705. Marion Ure was born in 1688.


706. James Crawford.James married Margaret Baad.

707. Margaret Baad.


740. William Speirs.William married Jonet Ker on 30 Dec 1687 in Falkirk, Stirling, Scotland.

3024. Robert Inglis died in 1690. [Parents]


3036. James Yuill.James married Margaret Robertson on 11 Nov 1670 in Wemyss.

[Dropline chart] [Notes about this couple.]

3037. Margaret Robertson.


3038. David Hutton was born on 9 Nov 1651 in Dysart. He married Marion Din on 11 Dec 1673 in Dysart. [Parents]

[Dropline chart][Notes for this couple]

3039. Marion Din was born on 4 Mar 1649 in Dysart. [Parents]


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